Hello and welcome – thanks for stopping by!

It was about time to update the blog, don’t you think?

Here’s what’s new:

  • An expanded About section – you can read all about me and what I do
  • A new Favorite Organizing Tools section.  I get asked all the time about the organizational tools I use, so I figured I’d better document them and share the organizational love with all of you!
What will you find here in the future? 

Well, I have a lot of interests – so you’ll likely hear about market research trends and topics (I won’t be sharing what I work on, that’s confidential) and social media, as well as favorite books, general observations, and even a recipe or two! 

Stay tuned for the evolution of InsightsGal, and connect up with me on Twitter, About.Me, etc. via the links on the top of the page!

(Shout out to my great web designer for the fresh new look!)