Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!

I could go on and on about the trending costumes for the year, and data crunching about candy brands. But instead, in the "spirit" of Halloween...I'd like to draw your attention to the scary side of market research.

1) Check out Annie Pettit's "The 6 Worst Market Research Mistakes for some ghoulish examples. Annie is always excellent at pointing best practices, as well as the bad and ugly of research, such as the terrifyingly mis-representative 3D pie chart she shares - yikes.  

2) I think Christian and I were having some similar thoughts this week, as we both were thinking about the fabulous (and mysterious) MR Heretic whose blog has been quiet for a while, but who has kept the industry on our toes with such pointed blogs as "You killed market research when you defended the status quo" as Christian mentioned as well as "Participant is Not Engagement" and "Submariners in Space." Along those same lines, we do have the emergence of Angry MR Client on Twitter.

3) While we're on the "scary theme, don't forget scream-inducying pink glittery infographics and SMQs (Scary Matrix Questions - I love that these actually have an acronym).

In the spirit of the season, I can't end this post without sharing some data.  For your ghoulish viewing pleasure, I give you a Halloween by-the-numbers infographic!