After the great feedback on my last post (thanks to Twitter, Facebook and G+ friends for the questions and feedback!) I realized I need to take you along more often as I go on my Glass Explorer journey. 

Ok, time to get down to business. 

When I applied for Glass the two key areas for "Exploring" I put in my application were market research and social media. It's (very) early days yet in my Explorer journey, but here's where I am so far...

Social Media
Glass will feed in Twitter mentions, Google Messenger IMs, G+ mentions, and let's you post pictures and videos out to those same platforms. The integration with social media platforms is great for posting photos on-the-go: "Ok Glass, take a picture...Share with Facebook Friends" - it's that easy.  I can also voice reply to tweets and favorite tweets via Glass. I haven't found any Instagram integration yet, but I'm sure someone's working on that. 

Thoughts to date: Glass is great for on-the-go posting and replying on social media. But remember I'm not a social media manager for a product...I'm guessing that may be a lot harder to handle via Glass but it likely wouldn't be your primary interface anyway.

Market Research
Ok, let's get down to the good stuff...

I'm aware of a small group of (ahem, rockstar!) market researchers with Glass:

I look forward to hearing what this group of #mrxExplorers discovers about Glass, and I'm sure there are more of us out there! If you know of market research Glass Explorers (or are one!) let me know in the comments.

Here's are a few of the many research-related topics I'm in the early stages of looking into via Glass:

  • Using Glass to take short videos for IDIs. We're often doing quick IDIs at tradeshows and other events and being able to take a quick video, and being able to enable that by voice command, is something we're testing out.  I like that it breaks down the barrier of holding an iPad, clipboard, other note-taking device and allows the interview to at least seem more spontaneous.
  • Allowing clients to "see through my eyes" through Glass at an event. Whether it's broadcasting those IDIs to a team back in the home office, or allowing remote clients to get an "in-event" experience. There are several Glass apps ("Glassware" is the official name) that are either live or in process around this idea. Hang w/ is the first one out of the gate with live POV broadcasting, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do. 
  • Capturing qualitative. In this area it's more about thinking ahead to when (and if) Glass "hit big" in the marketplace. If they do, we need to think about how we can ask our respondents to use them to gather data. The work that is being done via mobile devices right now by companies such as Revelation in terms of capturing consumer behavior, emotions, and context can certainly be extended to Glass when it hits the consumer market. In many ways (through my rudimentary testing so far), capturing visuals through Glass is easier and more intuitive than taking out your smartphone to take a picture or video.  
  • Presentations! For those of us who do a LOT of public speaking, what could be better than slides, speech notes or prompts via Glass? You can bet that I'll be trying out the Glassware in this area, and the two that are trending right now are YourShow and Glassentation. Stay tuned for more on both!
Much much more to come as I dig into testing the above!

Finally, I have to note that one of the biggest and best surprises about Glass is the community of Explorers and Google Glass staff, otherwise known as #Glassfamily. I've worked on a lot of product development and also research communities in my time so feel like I've seen a lot...and the Explorers group has really wowed me. I'm incredibly impressed with the helpfulness, kindness, creativity and spirit of adventure of the Explorers.
Amazing mosaic by Kris Kitchen of the Glass Explorers