Missed me?

Yep, things went quiet for about a year here on InsightsGal. Wondering why?

2015 was a nutty year for a lot of reasons. Our research department was growing and business was booming, I had assumed a leadership position with the Junior League of Portland Maine (President-Elect), was consulting with clients about social media onboarding and... [drum roll]

We were quietly going through a very time-intensive international adoption process!

I'll write about that process in more detail at a future time, but suffice it to say that pulling all that paperwork together really is a part-time job!

Just of the several binders of paperwork...

Just of the several binders of paperwork...

I made an intentional decision to go (mostly) dark on the blog and social media. While the outward face of InsightsGal was quiet, lots of work was happening behind the scenes consulting with market research and social media clients and continuing to keep up to date on changes with the various social platforms. I owed it to my clients and to my family to focus on those areas of the business and life at that time and return to the blog and social at a future time.  

Well, the future is now!

Now that we have returned from our adoption trip and for the most part settled in with the kids (yes, multiple kids!)  it's time to get back at it.  

Thanks for your patience, and watch this space for more content as I get back up and running!

The two newest members of the Clark team!

The two newest members of the Clark team!