I'm a big podcast listener. I was back in the beginning when podcasts were first a "thing" a decade or so ago. Then they declined, and we measured that! In the B2B research I was doing we measured over the course of several years how folks sought out and took in information about their industry and it was fascinating to see podcasts waning over time.

Well, they are definitely BACK and better than ever! At some point I'll do a rundown of my favorite podcasts (topic of another blog post) but one of them is Feisworld podcast "created to celebrate stories from sung and unsung heroes".

When I find good content, I want to ensure that the author/producer/creator knows I find it of value. Usually I tweet that out or do an iTunes review. 

In this case, Fei tweeted back and thus started a conversation which led me to be featured on her podcast, which is such an honor. The interview ended up focusing a lot on the topic of international adoption and some really unique twists and turns in our adoption story that brought us to the family we are today. 

Click below to head on over to Feisworld to listen to the podcast!