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Keeping up to date on Glass

Many of you have asked about resources to stay up to date on the news with Glass and other wearables.

Below are a few recommendations of my favorite ways to stay up to date:

Weekly Dosage of Google Glass - hosted by the fantastic Andrew Pritykin and with a rotating group of fantastic guests from the Glass community.

Wearables Weekly, another fantastic weekly vidcast focuses not only on Glass but other developments in the wearables market and includes such Glass luminaries as Noble Ackerson, Libby Chang, Keith Achorn and others.

Alexander Hayes' Google Glass Interviews, in his words, are "A a record of my interaction with the Google Glass Explorers Community and other related contacts from industry, research and affiliated gain an understanding of the key motivations, experiences and understandings that these individuals gain from engaging with this emergent wearable technology."

If you want to get a broad spectrum of the careers, walks of life, and interests of more than 45 Glass Explorers, Alexander's videos provide that and are incredibly interesting! Below is a link to the entire playlist of interviews.

The official Glass YouTube channel shares Explorer stories as well as some amazing short films made with Glass. Below is a link to the Explorer stories playlist, but I encourage you to also check out the short films!

Explorer blogs to follow (besides this one, of course!) include: 

evoluzination by Cecilia Abadie
Glass Almanac
GPOP blog
Living Thru Glass

And finally, there's no better place than Google+ to chat with Explorers...whether you have Glass or not (we're a very friendly bunch). 

The best (biggest, very active) community is the Glass Explorers community. 

Whew, that should get you started! If you feel like anything's missing on this list, let me know in the comments.